Ken Kesey
Interview August 3, 1999

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The late author of "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest",
Ken Kesey, spoke with Chris & Rob in 1999 prior to an
engagement to take the Merry Pranksters and their bus,
Further, on a tour of The United Kingdom. Kesey talks about
his home in Oregon, the famous bus Further, upcoming pranks
on the UK tour and the magical side of reality.

Going Out: Music - Ken Kesey & the Pranksters
Independent, The (London), Aug 14, 1999 by Tim Perry
Thirty-two years after the Summer of Love, Ken Kesey and six of his pals come to the
UK in search of Merlin who claimed that he would return to Avalon at the end of the
century. Their "Where's Merlin?" features Kesey doing spoken word and rapping with
Ken Babbs following their critically-acclaimed performances here last year, while the
rest of the evening sees The Pranksters trying their hand at psychedelic folk music with
the aid of a percussion machine made from a tree trunk.

There will also be a play about Merlin and archive footage of the original
Merry Pranksters tour of the USA. For good measure they've brought their
bus Further which will form the centrepiece of the Brixton stage set. Other events,
throughout the country will be scaled down events of readings and music.


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