Dr. David Grinspoon

Interview May 1, 2007

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Dr. David Grinspoon, planetary scientist, is a frequent guest and
contributor to The Chris & Rob Show. As such, anytime there
is a space probe or breaking news regarding outer space,
Dr. Grinspoon fills Chris & Rob in on the cosmic details.

"The Earth is like a big Lava Lamp inside."
- Dr. David Grinspoon

May 1, 2007

Dr. Grinspoon's most recent appearance on The Chris & Rob Show started with discussion of things cosmic and universal. Whoa.
Space probes New Horizons (Jupiter/Pluto) and Venus Express,
and a new extra-solar planet called Gleise 581,
were the highlighted discussion points of the show.
All the shows with Grinspoon are fun, but this one
was pretty much fun and then some.

Dr. David Grinspoon
Interview Archives with Chris & Rob

June 11, 1997
Dr. Grinspoon appeared on The Chris & Rob Show for the first time
to promote the release of his first book, VENUS REVEALED.
David Grinspoon is one of the world's leading experts on the
planet Venus and pretty much all the world's knowledge on
Venus is contained in his book and this interview. On this
program Dr. Grinspoon also touches on NASA conspiracies,
where to look for life in space, including Europa,
and takes listener phone calls.

January 6, 2004 part 1

(Part 1) Dr. Grinspoon was promoting his second book,
LONELY PLANETS: The Natural Philosophy of Alien Life.
The first week of 2004 was marked with the Mars Rover
touching down on the surface of Mars and Dr. Grinspoon
elaborates on the first pictures back from the Mars Rover.
Topics include the colonization of Mars, the face on Mars,
and of course NASA conspiracies. Listener phone
calls were included as usual.

January 6, 2004 part 2

(Part 2) This discussion continues... the surface of Mars, the Big Bang debate, the Russian space program, the Stardust Comet Dust mission, the Europa mission, life on Pluto and The Sun, and more bizarre listener phone calls.

January 27, 2004

Dr. Grinspoon brings us the latest details from the Mars Spirit
and Opportunity roving landers, which landed on Mars the first
month of 2004. Opportunity landed inside a crater which was
quite interesting - and lucky - a "300 million mile hole in one".
Also mentioned is the European Space Agency's Mars Express
mission, also in orbit around Mars. Dr. Grinspoon discusses the
coming-together of scientific disciplines in this new modern age
of science, and what "the natural philosophy of
extraterrestrial life" is all about.

July 6, 2004

In this goofy show Chris & Rob discuss the Cassini-Huygens
Mission to Saturn with Dr. Grinspoon. Topics include the
composition of the rings of Saturn, the moons of
Saturn and of course, listener phone calls.


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