Bill "The Spaceman" Lee
Interview April 3, 2007
with Chris & Rob

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In this most recent Chris & Rob interview with Spaceman, Bill talks about
his grievances with Major League Baseball, the current 2007 season,
The Red Sox's new Japanese pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka, and the baseball
records that are likely to be broken this season, including Barry Bond's
chase of the all-time home run record. As always, Bill discusses why the
designated hitter is bad for the game, why Pete Rose should be in the hall
of fame and the controversy over performance enhancing drugs.

Bill "The Spaceman" Lee
Interview Archives with Chris & Rob

"Doc Ellis wouldn't know acid if it dripped out of a battery cable."
- Bill "The Spaceman" Lee on The Chris & Rob Show, July 1996

Former Boston Red Sox pitcher Bill "The Spaceman" Lee is a favorite guest on The Chris & Rob Show. Whenever it's baseball season Chris & Rob get
in touch with 1970's baseball legend Bill Lee to discuss what's going on
in the game of baseball. Bill Lee has always been known as an outspoken proponent of traditionalist views on how baseball is managed and how
the game should be played, and is always a good time interview for
Chris Comer and Rob Ervin. Whether you're a Red Sox fan, or a fan of baseball or not, these interviews with one of the wittiest players
to come out of the Major Leagues are fun and upbeat. Bill has been
on the show several times and this archive represents
the best of his conversations with Chris & Rob.
Bill Lee has alot going through his mind.

Bill "The Spaceman" Lee
Interview April 4, 2006

In this interview Bill Lee talks with Chris & Rob goes in great detail why
the designated hitter should be removed from the rule books,
where it never belonged in the first place. If the commissioner is listening,
please take note. Bill also talks about other controversial topics in
baseball, including performance enhancing drugs and the
deterioration of talent in the major Leagues.

Bill "The Spaceman" Lee
Interview August 8, 1998

This was the evening that St. Louis Cardinals' MARK McGUIRE broke
the single-season home run record set by Roger Maris in 1961.
Spaceman discusses McGuire's home run #62, the strike zone
and badpitching, and the old days of baseball with
Chris & Rob on this history making night.

Bill "The Spaceman" Lee
Interview July 30, 1996

This was Bill Lee's first interview with Chris Comer and Rob Ervin.
In this broadcast Bill discusses his career and how he got the nickname"Spaceman", the 1975 World Series, the big business
of the baseball labor union, and The Gray Sox old-timers team
he plays for and manages. Spaceman answers the question
"What would you do if you were the commissioner?" and why
Pete Rose should be in the hall of fame. Discussion also
included Chris Sabo's hollowed out bat, which broke
during a game that evening before the show

Tony Perez homers off Bill Lee in
Game 7 of the 1975 World Series.

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